Araucana Bloodline Sources of SkyBlueEgg Araucana
by Ann Charles

My Araucana breeding stock has been acquired from many sources over the years, resulting in a genetically diverse flock.  All sources are USA hobbyists and breeders. Beginning in Autumn 2001, like most current breeders of Araucana,  I started with very limited success by purchasing hatching eggs off Ebay and Eggbid and a few private sources.   Ultimately I moved on to buy some hard to find, adult breeding stock and this was a big step forward. . .  The Araucana is the only breed that I know of where you can not find an established breeder willing to sell a trio or quad of good show quality birds to start out with.  99.9% of those new to Araucana have to settle with what is available for sale, mostly single birds, and therefore are immediately thrust into the roll of breed improvement and preservation regardless of their expertise with breeding poultry.  It is no wonder that our very complex breed has such a high rate of frustration and disappointment with new enthusiasts. 


Timeline for Araucana breeding stock acquisitions/sources:

December 2004: Black Araucana, large fowl from Jinx Reed of Orange, Texas.  

Fall, 2005:  Black Breasted Red cock large fowl (Multiple ACA National Champion Araucana - Large Fowl) from Barb Snook of Clarkeston, Michigan.  

April 2005: Golden Duckwing/Columbian (Hatching eggs) from Rick Eaton, Tennessee.  

June 2005: Blue large fowl (hatching eggs) from Harry Schaffer in New Ringgold, Pennsylvania. 

Mid 2005:  Bantam Silver Duckwing cockerel from  Gary & Audrey Overton, West Alexandria, Ohio

Winter 2006: White bantam pair - Bobbi Porto, Lutz, Florida

March 2007: Bantam Wheaten pullet (APA Black Breasted Red)  Mike Gilbert, Holmen, Wisconsin

March 2007: Whites, Bantam and Large Fowl (chicks) - Nancy Utterback, Frankton, Indiana

November 2007: Blue, Wheaten, and White bantam chicks - Reggie Neal, Winnabow, North Carolina

November 2007: White cockerel, large fowl - Fritz and Joyce Ludwig, Pendleton, South Carolina

September 2009: BB Red (wheaten) Pullet  (APA/ACA 2009 Reserve National Champion Bantam Black Breasted Red) - Mike Gilbert, Holmen, Wisconsin.

July 2013:  Three large fowl pullets from Cindy Mansell, Waterloo, New York, for my White large fowl breeding pen.

July 2013:  Three large fowl BB Red pullets (wild type e+) from Martin Walkowe, Bahama, North Carolina for my Golden and Silver Duckwing pens.

May 2014:  Lavender (self blue) hatching eggs from Harry Shaffer, Pennsylvania, for various self-blue projects.

July 2013: Thee wild type BB Red pullets (large fowl) from Martin Walkowe, Bahama, North Carolina for my 'female line' Silver Duckwing pen.










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