National Geographic MagazineŠ Magazine wants $200 for a licensing fee/ per photo even for these old obscure pix that are almost 100 years old.  So you will not see me including any of their photos anywhere anytime soon.    


     "This unique breed was discovered in South America in 1914.  It is the only domestic fowl that lays a blue egg.  All other breeds laying either brown or white shelled eggs.

     Bred in Chile and probably other South American countries, the origin of the Araucana has not been established but is being studied.  

     The color of the Araucana varies considerably and besides laying a blue egg, the fowl has a peculiar growth of feathers on each side of the neck, at the juncture of the head and neck, and it is rumpless. . ." National Geographic Magazine, April 1927, Page 452.





















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