My name is Ann Charles and I own SkyBlueEgg Araucana.   I live In Winnfield, Louisiana.  Although I grew up in California my ancestors/family have been in South Louisiana for approximately 200 years.  When I was young it was always a goal of mine to move back to Louisiana and in 1992 I packed up and bid California good bye.

Education: Most of what I know about poultry is self taught ( I read  a lot), but I did spend 5 years in the mid to late 70's in the California State College & University system attending Cal Poly - SLO, Chico State, and Fresno State Universities.  My majors were in Agriculture and Animal Science with a focus on genetics and nutrition.   Early on, like most horsey kids, I rode gymkhana horses and had a AAA race horse that I ran barrels on for a while.  I even did a stint riding bucking horses at All-Girl-Rodeos for a summer and was a member of the old GRA (Girls Rodeo Association).  Within the equine field I finally settled on AQHA Halter and Pleasure Horses (AQHA, APHA, and ABRA). Over time I bred, raised or exhibited 3 World and Reserve World Champion Halter Horses.  The Halter Horse industry changed drastically in the 1980's and I did not like the direction it was headed (I actually rode my conformation horses)  . . . to make a long story short  I now hold down the job of co-founder and Executive Secretary for the Foundation Quarter Horse Association. 

I have raised poultry for most of my adult life beginning with Barred Plymouth Rocks back in the early 1980's.  My passion/obsession with Araucana began in 2004 and I have  been breeding and showing Araucana since then.  During that time I have bred, raised and exhibited, 3 National Champion or Reserve National Champion Araucana.    I was the first person to ever earn an ABA starred win on a Black Araucana Bantam Hen.  For the last few years I have focused primarily on large fowl Araucana, but as of June 2013, I am once again raising, and will be exhibiting, bantam Araucana.

I have worked in the printing industry most of my adult life and have been editor of and published a number of livestock related publications.  Currently I publish the free online poultry publication: Exhibition Poultry Magazine, and am the American Poultry Association representative for the state of Louisiana.  The Magnolia Classic poultry show held in Leesville, Louisiana, March 2013,, was another of my poultry related projects. 

Amidst all of these time consuming interests I manage to also find time for my home and my wonderful, and infinitely patient, husband of 15 years, Andrew.  With out his love, support and help, 90% of what I do would not be possible.  He is a true blessing from God. 

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